Graduate Research and Internships

AEGIS provides opportunities for graduate students to participate in internships. These internships are arranged through private businesses or are associated with sponsored-research within the University of Minnesota. Students are encouraged to reach out to AEGIS faculty and affiliate members for internship opportunities. All AEGIS internships are meant to help build professional experience for our graduate students, and provide advanced training that is not offered through courses at the University of Minnesota.

Past Internships

In 2014-2015, two AEGIS (then ASIG) graduate students, Mara Taft and Julia Palmquist, had RA positions provided through Prof. Monnier’s project “Reconstructing Prehistoric Lifeways at the Bremer Site (21DK06), Dakota County, through Microarchaeology” (funded by Minnesota Historical Society Grant #1307 00979).

In 2013-2014, AEGIS (then ASIG) generated paid internships through the project “Detection of Buried Archaeological Features in the Mescalero Sand Plain Using Geophysical Survey Methods” for graduate students Julia Palmquist and Michael Tomiak. Funding was provided by the Institute for Rock Magnetism (IRM, PI Feinberg) at the University of Minnesota, and a private company, ArchaeoPhysics LLC. The students in these internships learned geophysical survey methods in the field as well as laboratory based rock magnetism measurement techniques.  They participated in data analysis and interpretation, as well.