Teaching and Outreach

The Anthropological, Ecological, and Geological Interdisciplinary Sciences (AEGIS) group announces a call for proposals for two K-12 Teaching Modules developed by graduate students. The goal of this AEGIS opportunity is to provide funding to enable graduate students to engage more formally in community outreach by developing and implementing teaching modules for K-12 educators. Students may work directly with a teacher of their choice to develop new teaching content that meets the individual teacher's needs, or work independently to develop a more generalized module that can be utilized by any educator who may contact AEGIS for teaching assistance. The content and design are at the discretion of the student and educator. Contact: Michele Stillinger

Evaluation Criteria

  • The extent to which the proposed module is consistent with AEGIS' focus on interdisciplinary research

  • The thoroughness of the proposal in explaining objectives, content, and meeting above requirements

  • Preference will be given to modules designed with an underserved public school teacher

AEGIS Community Outreach

Members of AEGIS engage in a number of community outreach events and projects including volunteering at local museums, giving public lectures, participating in K-12 education, giving tours of U of MN laboratories, etc. Please contact us at aegis.umn.edu if you are interested in members contributing to your outreach event.

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