Call for 2017 Spring Worshops is open.

The Anthropological, Ecological, and Geological Interdisciplinary Sciences (AEGIS) group announces a call for proposals for Short Courses developed and taught by University of Minnesota graduate students for the Fall Semester, 2016. Short courses are hands-on practicums designed to teach a technique, topic, or methodology in a field of interest for AEGIS members. They generally last a half day to a day, and are attended by members of the University of Minnesota community as well as external professionals affiliated with AEGIS. Short Course topics offered in the past have included soil micromorphology, phytolith analysis, photogrammetry, and digital topographic analysis.

For the Fall of 2016, AEGIS will be able to fund one short course. The graduate student whose proposal is accepted will be responsible for designing the course, locating a facility in which to teach it, and running the course. AEGIS will be responsible for advertising, registration, and providing refreshments for participants. AEGIS will also help prepare materials, and reserve the proposed space. Contact: Kele Missal

Evaluation Criteria

  • The breadth of appeal of the methodology to a multidisciplinary audience

  • The relevance of the methodology to contemporary research

  • The uniqueness of the opportunity provided by the short course for skill

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